At Walker Bookstore, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior customer experience.  We could not do that without our exceptional team.

Chris Emanuel

Purchasing Manager—West, Northwest, Southwest, and Texas1-800-722-7833 x710480-521-6492

Chris Emanuel joined the Walker Bookstore team in 2016. He is the Purchasing Manager for the Western Region and resides in Mesa, Arizona. Chris provides textbook buyback and recycling services for schools and districts throughout Arizona and the Western United States. Operating from our headquarters in Tempe, Chris has experience managing several departments within our operation. Prior to becoming a Purchasing Manager, he helped manage the Bulk Shipping and the Inside Sales departments. In his current position, Chris has expanded his purchasing presence to include the Western, Northwestern and Southwestern regions.

Ken Fitzgerald

Purchasing Manager—Midwest, Southeast, East Coast1-800-722-7833 x707651-571-6954

Ken Fitzgerald started working in the textbook industry as a warehouse employee with Walker Bookstore after returning from mission work in East Africa.  Eventually, he moved into the role of purchaser for the Upper Midwest Region and has been writing checks and removing curriculum for schools/districts for the past 7 years. His region for purchasing currently includes the Midwest, Southeast, and East coast.  He still stays connected to Africa through our donations to Books for Africa, where we have donated millions of dollars of textbooks to students in need overseas.   Ken currently resides in the Minneapolis area with his wife and two little girls, ages 2 and 4. They are an active family and enjoy traveling and swimming together. Ken would eventually like to settle in Africa, where he can return to teaching and coaching.

Michael Markovics

Inside Sales Manager1-800-722-7833 x717480-474-4743

Michael Markovics is originally from Chicago and currently resides in Phoenix.  Michael brings five years’ experience in the educational materials and tools sector to Walker Bookstore and is your primary contact for direct school textbook orders and related customer service.  Michael’s passion is adventure travel, having completed trips to over a dozen US National Parks as well as to New Zealand, China, Thailand, Peru, and Mexico.   In his free time he is either out hiking, playing golf (poorly), or planning his next trip.

Pam Hagler

Sales Associate1-800-722-7833 x715480-427-2132

The Walker Bookstore family welcomed Pam to our team in March of 2019. She started off working in the warehouse filling and shipping orders, and now she is  helping to create those orders as a sales associate! A California native (San Francisco, that is!), Pam moved to Tempe in 2004. It’s hot here, and, no, she has not gotten used to it.  Her husband and ‘bonus kids’ and grandkids are here, so she’s here to stay! Before moving to Arizona you could find Pam working 24-hour shifts as a 9-11 fire and medical dispatcher for a pretty decent sized metro/urban interface county, leading the ‘creative arts’ ministries at her church, or volunteering with Compassion International. Nowadays she is balancing work, “PamMa” duties (that’s what the grandkids call her), church, Compassion International, and riding her motorcycle with her awesome husband (somehow HE got the Harley and she got the Kawaski!).

Susan Walker

Owner, and Manager of Sales, Pricing and Quoting1-800-722-7833 x711480-363-3730

Susan has built the company from its inception, from being completely online sales to growing into direct sales.  Susan has a background in education and working with troubled youth in various environments.  She has a love for the outdoors and loves hiking, adventuring and spending time with her husband and 4 children (5, 8, 10 and 12).  Her greatest passion in business is how our business allows us to give back to educational efforts around the world through charities like Compassion and Books for Africa.

Fredrick Walker

Operations Manager and Purchasing Manager1-800-722-7833 x714480-353-9821

Fred helped build the operations of Walker Bookstore from the ground up, especially our operations and purchasing departments, and his expertise is the reason why we are so proud of our consistent quality and efficiency as a business.  He taught mathematics and physics at the high school level for 11 years and loves to help our schools succeed.  He helps ensure smooth operations and consistent operational standards throughout our organization as well as effective employee training.  Fred enjoys hiking and spending time with his wife and 4 children (5, 8, 10 and 12).