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Archway Veritas Ordering

We at Walker Bookstore are happy to partner with Great Hearts Archway Veritas as your school text resource for the 2018-2019 school year. As a service to you, Walker Bookstore is offering one-stop/one- transaction/one-location access to each family. Pre-order all your books on our website in just a few moments. Walker Bookstore will donate 5% of all book sales revenue back to Archway Veritas!

Please read this letter and all attached items very carefully prior to attempting any purchase. It is essential that you follow these directions to ensure you get the correct books when you need them. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 866 722 7833 x 713 or email anh@walkerbookstore.com.

Core Book Bundles are available by grade level. Items that are not included in the bundles are highlighted in the attached book list and can be ordered by ISBN number separately if needed. An example of unbundled items is those used for multiple years which only need to be acquired once. We also are offering a limited number of used Core Book Bundles and used single purchase books for additional savings.

**Orders placed prior to July 16, 2018 will be on campus at back to school night on August 7, 2018. Pick up your bundles at the Walker Bookstore kiosk. Orders placed after July 16, 2018 may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. Alternate delivery/pickup will be available upon request if you are unable to attend back to school night (please note: You MUST indicate “Alternate Delivery” on your Ship to: when you place your order. We will contact you in person to make delivery arrangements.)

View 2018-2019 Book List

Please follow these instructions very carefully to ensure you order the correct books and get them on time.

  1. Go to http://inventory.walkerbookstore.com on your web browser.
  2. On the attached and online list, you will find instructions on what to search next to the bundle heading. Search in the “title” search field using “Great Hearts Veritas Archway Grade ___” (use “Great Hearts Veritas Archway Kindergarten” for Kindergarten) to bring up the correct bundles. You can then pick a new or used bundle and add it to your cart. Repeat this search for any additional bundles you need. Be sure to select your core bundle (required), as well as individual books you need. All items are included in the bundle except those that clearly notate being sold separately.
  3. All titles not included in bundles have been notated on the attached book list (also on website). If you need any of these, click on the hyperlink to see all options available for that title on Walker website. Several titles provided by other vendors, and links are provided on this list.
  4. Once you have selected all the items you need to order, proceed to checkout to complete your order.
  5. During checkout, when entering your customer information, please enter the following:
    1. In the “Name” field, enter the first and last name of the student.
    2. In the “Ship to address”, enter the name “Archway Veritas Grade __ ” (if multiple kids put in multiple first names and put their grade level by their first name).
    3. Then enter the Archway Veritas address (3102 N 56th St #200, Phoenix AZ 85018). This will alert us to deliver these to you at the back to school night on campus.
  6. Select the standard shipping option to AVOID being charged shipping fees (there is a 3.99 charge that has been subtracted from the book price, so this charge is not increasing what you are paying for the books), and enter your credit card/paypal information to complete the purchase.