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Glendale Prep "Classics to Keep" Ordering Instructions:

Please read this letter and all attached items very carefully prior to attempting any purchase. It is essential that you follow these directions to ensure you get the correct books when you need them. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 866 722 7833 x 713 or email susan@walkerbookstore.com.

Core Book Bundles are available by grade level. Items that are not included in the bundles are highlighted in the attached book list and can be ordered by ISBN number separately if needed. For Grades 9-12, you will also be required to order supplemental foreign language books. These titles might be in bundles or individual books, but all are available through Walker Bookstore by using the hyperlinks on the book list.

Orders placed prior to July 16, 2018 will be on campus August 2nd and 4th, 2018. Pick up your bundles at the Walker Bookstore kiosk. Orders placed after July 16, 2018 may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered, and may not arrive before school starts. Alternate delivery/pickup will be available upon request if you are unable to pick them up at the bookstore August 2nd and August 4th (please note: You MUST indicate “Alternate Delivery” on your Ship to: when you place your order. We will contact you in person to make delivery arrangements.)

View 2018-2019 Book List View Intro Letter

Please follow these instructions very carefully to ensure you order the correct books and get them on time.

  1. On the master book list, there are hyperlinks for each bundle and "a-la-carte" book. Please be sure to select the appropriate bundle for your grade, and remember to add language bundles or individual books if needed.
  2. Once you have selected (added to cart) all the items you need to order, proceed to checkout to complete your order. Choose to checkout as a guest rather than creating an account.
  3. During checkout, when entering your customer information, please enter the following...
    1. In the “Name” field, enter the first and last name of the student.
    2. In the “Ship to” address, enter the Glendale Prep address (23276 N 83rd Ave, Peoria, AZ 85383). This will alert us to deliver these to you at the Glendale Prep Bookstore.
  4. Select the standard (media mail) shipping option to avoid being charged ADDITIONAL shipping fees, and enter your credit card information to complete the purchase.

*Instructions above are for families intending to pick up books on campus.

  • What if I am unable to pick up my books at the Glendale Prep Bookstore?
    • Enter your home address in the “ship to”, and our team will contact you to make arrangements for delivery/pickup.
  • What if I intend to pickup my books at the bookstore, but I do not make it there?
    • Your items will be returned to our facility, and you will be contacted 1-2 business days after the event to arrange delivery/pickup of the order.

** Pricing for these bundles is based off the assumption they are being picked up on campus at the designated date. You will notice some charges applied for shipping on the website. These charges have been factored into the pricing of the items. You will ONLY be charged additional fees if you choose the Expedited option, or if you are unable to pickup the books at the Glendale Prep Bookstore.