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Warehouse and Inventory Associate

THIS CAN BE A FULL OR PART TIME SUMMER ONLY JOB OR CAN TURN INTO FULL OR PART TIME YEAR ROUND AS WELL. START DATE CAN BE IMMEDIATE OR AFTER SCHOOL SEMESTER ENDS. WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN BEING FLEXIBLE AROUND SCHOOL SCHEDULES, especially during the school year. We do offer TUITION REIMBURSEMENT for eligible employees (must have worked 6 months at the end of the semester for which they want reimbursement).

We purchase and resell used Kindergarten-12th grade textbooks online and directly to schools. Employees do everything from loading a box truck full of books outside to sorting and shelving books or picking and packing orders in our air-conditioned warehouse, to working in our air-conditioned office meticulously entering the information about the book into our inventory system. I hire the best, so you will work with the best. Visit our Careers site at https://www.walkerbookstore.com/careers to see some of the positions this could turn into long term.

We are located near Southern and Priest in Tempe and need very detail-oriented, self-motivated individuals to assist with all aspects of the business. We currently have 15 employees and typically hire 20-30 more for the summer. We start all employees at $12 per hour, and give raises as people are given additional responsibilities. Your wage is only limited by your ability to grow. The majority of our employees work within a warehouse grading and sorting books, inputting inventory into our database, and picking, packing and shipping books. Some also go into the field to collect and sort books at various local locations.

Employees who have the desire and ability are promoted from within and utilized in management, higher level administrative tasks, procurement, and sales positions. We only hire for these higher positions from current staff. The salary potential of these positions is $50,000-$115,000 per year.

All staff are offered 40 hours of work per week, but some of our staff choose to work as little as 6 hours a week, especially non-summer, due to school schedules, etc. We have some employees who work less in the winter and full time in the summers, when we are busiest. We are as flexible with schedules as we can be and are happy to accommodate these kinds of needs for those who are hard-working and valuable staff members. There are also opportunities for overtime, especially in the summer, for those who desire it. Our typical hours are 7-3:30 for full time staff (Monday -- Friday). We are looking for people who will add value to our business and ideally would become long-term higher level members of our staff.

We offer health insurance after 60 days of employment, dental/life/accident/disability to all employees, tuition reimbursement of up to $2650 per semester, and offer bonuses for performance to our higher level employees.


  • Detail oriented, able to follow moderately complex criteria while working efficiently.
  • Type 40+ words per minute, computer savvy.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Able to handle a variety of parameters and procedures and keep them straight.
  • Some lifting of 20-30 pounds short distances is required, but we have other warehouse associates who will do the heavier and more long distance hauling.
  • Able to be trusted to work without supervision.
  • Hours are flexible around your schedule.
  • Full time hours for the summer are 7:00am - 3:30pm (overtime likely if desired as that is our busy season).
  • Positive Attitude.

To apply: Please submit both a resume and cover letter to careers@walkerbookstore.com (either in the email or attached are fine). This cover letter should mention 1 thing you have appreciated about a prior job, 1 challenge (personally or in a job) you have overcome, and a brief description of the type of work environment you thrive in most. If you have experience driving a box truck or driving a forklift please mention this as well.